Kontakt Documents

This page contains links to some of the documents that I have written or co-authored for the Kontakt community. If you are interested in obtaining a copy or reviewing one online, find the document of interest in the list below and click on it.

Script User Guides
  • KSP Math Library  This is the latest version of the library.
  • SIPS V151  This is the earlier version of SIPS before the Articulation Script was added
  • SIPS V205  This is the later version of SIPS with the Articulation Script
  • Task Control Module  This is the guide for using the TCM feature recently added to Nils Liberg's KScript Editor V152.
  • WIPS V104  Updated to use KSP Math V610 which requires no NKA file for the fast trig.

Studies and Tutorials

Technical Guides
  • Math Library V215  This is the original Technical Guide for the library. Provides details of the algorithms used in the initial library
  • Math Library Addendum V405  This addendum to the Techical Guide was prepared after the Fast Mode was added to the library. This document was not updated (nor will it likely be) for V450