Nim Game
        If you want a little diversion now and then, here's a cute little game of logic that you might enjoy. Download Nim and unzip the file. Put the Nim folder (and its contents) any convenient place so that you can load the .nki file into either K4 or K5. Be sure that you leave the .nkr file alongside the .nki file because it contains all the needed graphics.

NimPanel 632x322

    In case you're wondering how I came to write this script, here's the story. Around the time when NI released K4, I had been offline for quite a while with my heart condition. When I came back online, I needed to spend some time getting back up to speed with all the new features added to the KSP since I had last been up and around. So, I wrote this little script as a fun exercise to familiarize myself with all the new user interface stuff, etc. Anyway, I hope you have fun trying to beat my little script in a game of Nim. Happy 17x17