Introducing WIPS
        The Wind Instrument Performance Suite, WIPS, is a trio of Kontakt Scripts (over 8000 lines of compiled code) designed to work together harmoniously to provide some of the most important functions needed to support Virtual Wind Instruments. While WIPS has its ancestry in SIPS, it is nevertheless a totally fresh scripting effort that benefits from many of the KSP enhancements added since the days of Kontakt 2.2. In addition, the design of WIPS takes advantage of several additional years of hindsight gained in using SIPS and in thinking about the special requirements for realistic wind instrument synthesis.

ArtPlay Panel 636x342 ArtSetup Panel 635x340 Legato Panel 629x300 Vibrato Panel 628x208
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Copyright Notice
       These scripts are the intellectual property of Robert D. Villwock and were copyrighted October 2011 by Robert D. Villwock. However, full permission is hereby granted for anyone to incorporate these scripts into their Kontakt instruments. You must however assume any and all liability for using them and I provide no assurance or guarantee that they will perform in any specified way. If you wish to modify these scripts in any way, you can only do so if you also rename the scripts and remove the WIPS name and logos from all displayed panels. You must also clearly identify yourself as the author of the derivative work (both externally and in the About popups).