I want to thank everyone in the Kontakt community who played some part in the development of these scripts, especially the beta test crew for uncovering a number of ‘unintended features' Wink. Many offered useful ideas and suggestions along the way and many others offered encouragement.

        I especially want to thank Rob Horvath for all his efforts during the beta phase. Rob not only uncovered a number of my errors but he also made many valuable feature suggestions that greatly enhanced the final version of the scripts. Rob also discovered a Kontakt problem (related to pitch modulation) and then even came up with a nice ‘work-around’ for it (see ‘The Rob Horvath Maneuver’ in Section 6.0 of the User's Guide). And, last but not least, Rob designed all of the ‘Built-In’ legato/vibrato presets and contributed some very nice demos to showcase WIPS in action.

        I also want to thank David Carpenter for revitalizing my interest in using the AET filter which then led to the AET Velocity Morph option added to WIPS. And, as always, many thanks to Nils Liberg for developing and sharing his KScript Editor with us. Without a tool like the KSE, writing an ambitious set of scripts like WIPS would be an almost nightmarish task.

        Finally, my thanks to all of you on the VI Forum who have posted so many kind remarks and encouraging thoughts. I also appreciate the many emails and PMs expressing your concern for my health situation and of course I especially appreciate your prayers on my behalf. I’m sure that, in no small way, they are responsible for my still being around to make this small contribution to the Kontakt community. I sincerely hope that many of you will find these scripts to be a useful addition to your toolbox.

Rejoice in the Lord always,


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